Whenever someone says water sparkletts comes to mind

There are many manufacturers of pure drinking water in various forms in the USA but since the 1970s whenever someone says water sparkletts comes to mind due to their advertising campaign that quickly became embedded in people’s lips and minds.

Most people had been happily drinking tap water since a very long time but due to rise in pollution, there were several cities and towns that started facing a problem of either water that was not very safe to drink or simply did not taste the same as ever before. This created a fear in the minds of drinkers that simply wanted the best drinking water for themselves and their loved ones.

Several companies including DS Waters of America Inc stepped in to offer not only bottled water in various sizes but also drinking water dispensers and drinking water coolers to ensure that their clients got clear and chilled drinking water at all times.

The company also embarked upon an advertising campaign that included displaying tv commercials in the 70s that showed a sparkletts delivery man delivering water to a family along with their dog. The tune of that commercial was so catchy that soon sparkletts was on the lips of anyone that watched that commercial. This classic advertisement hammered home the point that sparkletts offered home service and certainly encouraged many a new customer to call up the company to enquire about and utilize their home delivery facility.

In 2009 sparkletts and sierra springs took over another bottled water company by the name of owaters to further expand their reach in the bottled water business. The company was already marketing various types of drinking water such as Artesian water, Spring water, Distilled water, Purified water, Purified with minerals water, Fluoridated water in purified, artesian and spring form, and flavored water too, in various markets. Their wide range of bottle sizes and products enabled the company to quickly make inroads into many houses. The company also started delivering various coffee blends to offices along with the required equipment.

The flavored water made by sparkletts contained no sugar, carbohydrates or calories, thus making it a very healthy alternative to plain water and definitely a better alternative to any cola, club soda, soda pop or any other flavored carbonated drink that might contain heaps of sugar, caffeine, sodium, or other chemicals harmful for the body in the long term.

Sparkletts thus offered a healthy choice for people so that they remain safely hydrated in their home or office. Bottled water in plain or flavored form is also useful for people that are constantly traveling, engage in outdoor sports or exercise regularly in a gym where there might be a substantial loss of water from the body. As in the past, sparkletts still offers safe drinking water in various forms and sizes, and customers can choose the best drinking water that suits their purposes.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is a must for healthy living but sometimes people either do not have access to pure drinking water or are too bored to drink plain water at regular intervals. Thanks to their tv ads since the 70s whenever someone says water sparkletts comes to mind and people can now enjoy drinking safe and tasty drinking water while reminiscing about that classic commercial from the past.