Is sparkling water the same as club soda or Seltzer Water?

Most people enjoy their bubbly drink without thinking about it but in case they hear any rumors about a particular drink then they tend to get confused. If you too have clubbed all fizzy drinks such as fizzy sodas, club soda, sparkling water, soda water, etc under one roof then you should try to understand the minute difference between sparkling water and club soda. Once you understand it then you will never ask is sparkling water the same as club soda.

All fizzy drinks that display those hypnotic big and small bubbles when you open the cap of the bottle are known as carbonated water. Different forms of carbonated water exist under different names such as colas, sodas, and sparkling water.

However, most colas contain caffeine, sugar, colors including pink, orange, green, etc, and preservatives. These ingredients will simply add on to your calorie intake while the artificial ingredients could harm your body in the long run. Thus, colas should be consumed sparingly. A better alternative would definitely be club soda and sparkling water.

Club soda is made by various manufacturers by mixing water and carbonic acid to form carbonated water. Such sodas could contain a higher level of sodium depending on the manufacturer. Sodium is introduced in various forms such as sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate, potassium sulfate, among many others.

You could add fruit flavors  to club soda to make it tastier but you would still not be able to change the strength of the carbonation as decided by the manufacturer. This could be detrimental to your teeth and bones and could raise your blood pressure if you already have such a problem. Thus, club soda too needs to be consumed after a little research on your health and after checking the label of your bottle.

Sparkling water that has been extracted naturally from a spring close to any volcanic region is supposed to be the best in terms of minerals and nutrients. Such sparkling water could be the best for your health provided you do not suffer from any diseases prior to consumption.

Other forms of sparkling soda include ones made by artificially mixing carbonic acid with plain water – make seltzer at home. However, most sparkling water brands do contain less sodium or salt than club sodas and are thus better alternatives to staying hydrated while sipping on them.

Sparkling water can also be easily made at home with the help of a carbonator fitted to water dispensers. You can now make your own sparkling water at a fraction of the price of bottled sparkling water available in stores. You can also choose from a wide range of flavors available over the Internet and make your own flavored sparkling water as per the strength that you desire.

You can now safely drink this delicious water all day long and stay protected from dehydration in a lip-smacking way. Fruit flavors that do not contain any sugar, colors, preservatives or calories should be preferred as they will only impart a yummy taste to your bubbling water without any side-effects.

There is a slight difference between commercial club soda and sparkling water, which increases dramatically if you make your own sparkling water right at home. Once you have gained this insight you will no longer need to ask is sparkling water the same as club soda as you sit on your patio with a glass filled with ice and your favorite flavor of sparkling water in your hand.