Enjoy chilled seltzer drinks at home with sparkling water carbonator

If you are caught between drinking tasteless water and fizzy commercial drinks that could prove to be dangerous to your health over a long period then do not fret or dehydrate. Instead, simply drink a tastier and healthier alternative right in the comfort of your own home. You too can enjoy chilled drinks at home with your own sparkling water carbonator and embrace good health along with superb taste at the same time.
You can find several brands of bottled sparkling water that offer carbonated plain and spring water in various flavors at your neighborhood store. However, you will have to choose your favorite flavors, lug the filled bottles to your home and then return back to return those empty bottles.

 These empty bottles are an environmental hazard as they do not burn or bury well and instead pollute the air or land. These bottles will also turn into a costly affair if you plan to drink these delectable drinks on a daily basis. If you want to stay refreshed all day long at an cost-effective rate then you only need to purchase a sparkling water carbonator and make those bubbly drinks right at home.

A seltzer carbonator or soda maker is a small machine that can be kept on your table top. It requires no electricity and only takes seconds to turn an approximately 1 liter glass bottle filled with tap or spring water into delicious sparkling water filled with bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. The gas is released through an aluminum container that contains carbonic acid under pressure.

 This container is refillable and reusable. All you need now is a constant source of water to turn plain water into bubbly sparkling water that can be carbonated at your desired levels. You can watch your bubbly water cascade into a big glass full of ice and drink it in its original flavor or blend innumerable flavors to create lip-smacking drinks that can defeat hydration without adding any sugar or calories into your body.

While most bottled sparkling water contain calories in the form of natural or added sugar, flavor, artificial colors and preservatives, sparkling water made at home contains no calories in any form except for a smattering of sodium that imparts it that great mildly salty taste.

You also need to procure various flavors that do not contain any sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives so that you can enjoy the natural fruit flavors without any guilt or harm to your body and mind.

 Exotic flavors such as pink grapefruit, kiwi strawberry, lemon lime, etc can be enjoyed with regular flavors such as apple, lemon, orange, etc. By mixing various flavors, you can also concoct your own signature flavor that could soon turn into a hit on your next party. Even if you are inundated with unexpected guests, you can still conjure up glasses of tasty sparkling water at the press of a button instead of searching helter-skelter for fizzy drinks in your home or neighborhood.

You now have the power to transform dull and plain water into tasty sparkling water filled with bubbles, fruit flavors and fizz that is totally devoid of calories. You can surely enjoy chilled drinks at home with sparkling water carbonator and remain hydrated and happy in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.